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Are you a musician and/or music industry entrepreneur looking for ideas and motivation to build up your business? We all know that figuring out the music industry is tough, especially in recent years where we have seen crippling disruption in the touring and local venues. The competition for gigs and shows is quite fierce now that everything is beginning to open up from the COVID-19 shutdowns. Who you know is more important that ever!

That’s why Kingdom of Rock exists – we want to help you get ALL the inside information from the professionals that do the music industry best! We interview Rock Stars and Artists, Gigging Musicians, Managers, Technology Gurus, Backline Tour Support, Investors, Venture Capitalists, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and anyone we think might share something beneficial with our diverse audience of music entrepreneurs.

If you are trying to find the best information about being a professional musician, artist manager, music publishing, NFTs, cryptocurrency and blockchain – join Matt Gibson and Michael Molenda every Sunday at 7 PM PST for a live interview and Q & A session with the industries finest!


Previous guests of Kingdom of Rock: Grant Cardone, Steve Vai, Brian Newman, George Pajon, Tina Guo, Billy Sheehan, Michael Sweet, Oz Fox, Bloodgood, Stryper, DJ Scratch, Deadmau5, Corrin Campbell, Hayden Maringer, Steve Stevens, Elliot Easton, Steve Lukather, Tia P, Scott Wilson, Kent Slucher, Benjamin Ash, Tyler Morris, Of Good Nature,Seth Morrison and many other notable artists, musicians, technologists, social media influencers, YouTubers and Tik Tok experts.

Kingdom of Rock is a live-stream, podcast and community of professional musicians, technologists and entrepreneurs working TOGETHER to improve ourselves, our skills and networks.

We meet weekly during the live stream interview and meet in Zoom, on Clubhouse and in person at Kingdom of Rock Chapter meetings in your home town!


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