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As you know, we are all involved in a global crisis caused by the emergence of the Corona Virus (Covid-19).  This world-wide pandemic has inflicted an enormously devastating impact on every facet of the entertainment industry. Venues are closed down, tours are cancelled, filming has come to a halt and income has dropped to an unprecedented low for many people.

In this ongoing (almost daily) series, Matt Gibson and his special co-hosts Michael Molenda and Nina Noir talk about these troubling times face to face with entertainment industry legends and the heroes that support them behind the scenes and make the “magic” happen!


Matt Wallace KOR Episode 56

On this episode of Kingdom of Rock, Matt Gibson and Yashi Brown spoke with Maroon 5 and Faith No More producer Matt Wallace.

John Lee Dumas – Entrepreneur on Fire – Episode 55

This week on Kingdom of Rock, John Lee Dumas speaks with Matt Gibson on business strategies for musicians - how to add value and provide a product to consumers. John compares the future of "musicpreneurs" with video game streamers - playing music, talking about it,...

Morgan Wade and the Stepbrothers – EP 54

This week on Kingdom of Rock podcast for DIY Musicians, Amanda Bocchi and Matt Gibson spoke with Morgan Wade about her new album and tour and what she does to make her music business succeed.  Morgan tells us what it's like to quit your day job and start your first...

Twitter for Musicians with Madalyn Sklar – Ep 53

  This week on Kingdom of Rock, guitarist Matt Gibson spoke with Twitter expert Madalyn Sklar about her experiences as a social media expert and the music industry! Co-Host Amanda Bocchi will return next week after she finishes her degree in Classical guitar from...

Amanda Bocchi Talks About her Pledgemusic – Ep 52

This week on Kingdom of Rock podcast for DIY Musicians, co-hosts Matt Gibson and Amanda Bocchi talked about what it takes to run a successful Pledgemusic Campaign. Amanda is currently running her campaign in support of her new album Organ Donor until the end of April....

Paul Porter – Author and Radio Legend – Ep 51

This week, Amanda and Matt spoke to author and radio persona Paul Porter. Paul is the author of Blackout - My 40 Years in the Music Business. He was also the programming director for BET and eventually purchaced his own radio station in Orlando, Florida. If you want...

Grant Cardone 10x – Why Artists are Starving – Episode 50

This week on Kingdom of Rock, Matt Gibson spoke with sales, marketing and business guru Grant Cardone.  He addresses why musicians and artists struggle with the concept of making money. Listen now and let Grant hit you between the eyes with some great advise and...

Guitarist and Musician Annie Grunwald – Ep 49

This week on Kingdom of Rock, Amanda Bocchi and Matt Gibson spoke to guitar shredder and YouTube star Annie Grunwald about her experiences in the music business.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKyQGcdze1c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jGVkfbPkz0

Great White Guitarist Mark Kendall – Ep 48

This week, Matt Gibson spoke with Great White guitarist Mark Kendall. Mark talks about his vast experiences in the music industry in a Grammy nominated hard rock band that sold millions of records.

Wes Schaeffer – Sales and Business Expert Ep 47

  This Week on Kingdom of Rock Podcast for DIY Musicians Matt Gibson and Amanda Bocchi spoke to sales and marketing expert Wes Schaeffer.  If you are looking for business and sales training, this is the episode for you! https://www.thesaleswhisperer.com

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