Ryan Roxie (L) and Alice Cooper perform in concert at ACL Live on February 12, 2015 in Austin, Texas.

Ryan Roxie, Alice Cooper

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This week on Kingdom of Rock, guitarist Matt Gibson spoke with longtime Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie.

Ryan Roxie began playing with Alice Cooper for what began as a year long tour over 20 years ago. Ryan wants you to know, rock-n-roll isn’t dead. Unless it’s dead in your mind. 20 year old kids are still showing up to Alice Cooper shows, singing every word. pProof that rock-n-roll is alive and well.

Special guest Nita Strauss, drops in to say hello to Ryan and Matt.

Ryan Roxie talks about his experience in the 1990’s band Electric Angels out of LA. Lost in the Atlantic is an album recorded with Atlantic records in the early 90’s that was never released, until now that is. The first album was recorded in 1987.



Your song isn’t a product, it’s a promotional tool. The revenue streams have been siphoned from the traditional model. The song is no longer king. People expect to hear your art for free, and buying the art isn’t necessary. The albums that Ryan has sold the most copies is because  he has built a personal relationship with his fan-base. He stands outside venues before and after shows, shaking hands, taking selfies. Relational promotion.

Learn guitar through your hero. The goal is to eventually write your own music.

On Playalongmusic.com (Best of Alice Cooper series) Ryan Roxie teaches the 5 most popular Alice Cooper songs. https://playalongmusic.com/videolessons?view=video&typeId=30&productId=4239#prod_li_4239

Rock-n-Roll 101-Ryan Roxie explains the basics for guitar. The blueprint four guitar-the newest in the Ryan Roxie education series-learn a song in four days, and learn guitar in four months. https://www.playalongmusic.com/ryan-roxie

So many musicians are used to living in crisis. Matt Gibson asks Ryan Roxie how to position yourself as a musician for more opportunities. Lots of players spend time learning their craft, but how much energy do musicians put into learning the music business? What musicians don’t realize is they need to be their own managers also. If you can find a manager once you’re in the position of needing management, do it. If not, listen to this podcast. Alice cooper has had one manager in his career. Then the manager gets to create opportunities while the band gets to deliver soul punching music every night.

Until we can all be like Ryan Roxie, manage yourself.

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Show notes written by Amanda Bocchi.

Jazz Americana guitarist and singer-songwriter, Amanda Bocchi, is a host on Kingdom of Rock podcast for DIY musicians. She interviews female musicians and authors to increase dialogue surrounding feminism and music entrepreneurship. Amanda is a DIY musician, recording her second album called Organ Donor. Her sophomore album is a reflection of her experience struggling through heroin addiction and her transformation into the light of recovery. http://amandabocchi.com