This week on Kingdom of Rock, Matt and Amanda spoke with emerging artist and college student Ava Baker aka Ava Camille about her music career.

Episode Highlights:

Ava sings her amazing song For the Sake of a Stranger’s Touch

Ava talks about her goals as an artist

Matt Gibson and Amanda Bocchi talk to Ava about

  • the importance of being known as a person to your fans.
  • Knowing your identity as a person and artist
  • Getting your social media profiles in order
  • The importance of Creating Content
  • Connecting with YOUR people
  • Making friends in media and journalism
  • Choosing your friends by networking
  • Look for the people that have already done what you want to do
  • Reverse Engineering Successful artists
  • Pick ONE social media to master getting traffic to your website
  • Creating a team
  • Writing Blog posts on your website to get search engine traffic SEO
  • How to get known as an artist and a person simultaneously

Books and People Mentioned in this interview:

  • Grant Cardone – 10x Factor
  • Tim Ferris – Four Hour Work Week
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Fiona Apple


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Twitter @avacamille