Photograph by Neil Zlozower

This week on Kingdom of Rock Podcast for DIY Musicians, Matt Gibson spoke with Bill Lonero about his experiences as a guitarist, entrepreneur and inventor. Bill talked about his journey from an office worker in 2003 to a full time musician and business owner.

Recently Guitar Player Magazine recognized his band Lonero in the 50th Anniversary Edition. The album, Defiant Machine was selected by Guitar Player Magazine as one of the most noteworthy albums in the last 50 years.

He talks about the importance of having regular band rehearsals and practice and how that has been a valuable pillar to he band’s success.

Many musicians have aspirations to achieve the title of Rock Star.  Matt and Bill discussed the hard work it takes to attain the status of “Rock Star” and how many musicians don’t comprehend or like the idea of all the work it takes. A quote he mentioned was “Success is achieved when effort exceeds desire”.

We talked about the fascinating creation of his company and invention, Straptight Straplocks who are endorsed by Joe Satriani, Glenn Hughes and Andy Timmons.


Websites discussed:

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