This week on Kingdom of Rock Podcast for DIY Musicians, Amanda Bocchi spoke with Christine Stevens. Christine Stevens is a music therapist who travels as a director of health and wellness for Remo drums around the world to do sonic healing and drum work. Christine has developed a method of sonic healing to address the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional dysfunction humans experience. 


You can check out Christine at Upbeat Drum Circles


Christine is also the author of Music Medicine – a book about sonic healing.


Interview Highlights:

Remo was on the forefront of developing women’s drums and empowering women drummers.

Four elements of music discussed in the interview.

Rhythm – correlates to the body

Harmony – Everyone singing together (drum circle, choir)

Melody – The Heart. (the flute)

Silence – element for the mind

Women’s March in Washington DC

“Music is born in silence.”

“Music is a global language.”

“Music belongs in your life.”

If you’re sick the shaman would ask you…when’s the last time you sang, where’s the last time you danced?

Participating in music is more effective in healing than listening to music.