alex winter

Alex Winter is a Hollywood director of award winning documentaries about technology and music such as Deep Web and Downloaded. He is also the actor that played Bill S. Preston esq in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!

This week on Kingdom of Rock, host Matt Gibson talks to him about his latest project: a comprehensive documentary of rock pioneer Frank Zappa!  This is a bit off the beaten path but I really believe that this could be one of the most important music films of our lifetime.  I hope each and every one of you will consider making an investment in music culture by supporting this very important Kickstarter.

The main purpose of the Kickstarter is to raise enough funds to preserve Frank’s vault of analog tape, photos, music and movies. If we can get to the stretch goal of 3 million dollars, Alex can make the entire film independently and maintain creative control.  This will be the best scenario to preserve Frank’s legacy.

I also have a nice chat with Alex at the end of the show about the state of the music and film industry that you won’t want to miss!

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