This week on Kingdom of Rock, Matt Gibson spoke with sales, marketing and business guru Grant Cardone.  He addresses why musicians and artists struggle with the concept of making money. Listen now and let Grant hit you between the eyes with some great advise and motivation!

Grant Cardone is a well known author of the 10x Factor and the creator of the 10x Growth Convention. He is an entrepreneur with the creation of 6 companies under his belt. Through his real estate holdings, Grant is well on his way to becoming a billionaire.  We brought Grant on the show to help you understand the kind of energy it takes to create that amount of wealth.  Amanda Bocchi and I are both fans of the 10x Factor and use principals found in Grant’s writing and live videos to build our business.

Favorite Quotes from the interview:

“If you have great art and you sit in your living room and play to yourself you are selfish and self-centered.”