What’s up Kingdom of Rock! This week, Amanda Bocchi spoke with Atlanta artist Indie from Indie Killed the Pop Star. They spoke about her experiences as an Opera singer and Independent Artist. Indie tells her story of overcoming vocal nodules and re-branding her art as a singer-songwriter distinguished by her powerful opera vocal chops.  In addition, Amanda and Indee talk about the challenges of anxiety and how that affects the trajectory of a music career. She is currently working on a new album that she hopes to release in 2017.  In Indie’s own words, it is heavily influenced by the band Radiohead.  She has been writing the songs since 2009 and she hopes to release the first video Youngblood with a grassroots team of her friends.


Relevant Links and Topics Discussed:

Baby Robot Media PR http://www.babyrobotmedia.com/

Indie uses the Law of Attraction to bring in musical and business partners.

She supplements her performance income with being a Music Teacher for 40 students.

Being thrifty helps with making ends meet

They discuss how to convert social media likes to customers and fans that show up to shows.

One of the highlights of the interview was the discussion about music scenes in major cities such as New York, LA, Nashville, Atlanta, Austin etc. It is amazing how many musical opportunities you have available in a major city.  There can be hundreds of events that you can play.  If you are a musician struggling in your small or medium size town, perhaps you should move to a large city and give that a shot. Little fish in a big pond is not always bad!


“You don’t need a music degree to play at Starbucks!” – Amanda Bocchi

“When you love it, go for it! This is your life. Go for your dreams”. – Indie

Sing for Your Life



Indee Killed the Pop Star, an indie-folk band from the deep South, combines classical inspiration with a rock-pop mix for audiences around Atlanta. With hints of opera and jazz bursting through the vocals, strings and woodwinds provide a bright backdrop for songs about love, pain, healing and… cats. Lead singer Indee, a self-described “bad-ass rockstar bitch”, made a huge impression three years ago, placing fourth runner-up in the first season of Atlanta’s Sing For Your Life competition. Since then, her and her band have played venues around the city and around Georgia, creating genre-twisting, original songs and breathing fresh air into the local music scene.  

Jennifer “Indee” Zuiff – Vocals, guitar, and ukulele

Ricky Saucedo – Clarinet, flute

Ben Rezaeinia – Viola, violin

Jared Lanham – Percussion

Amy Dixon – Backup vocals

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