John Lee Dumas

This week on Kingdom of Rock, John Lee Dumas speaks with Matt Gibson on business strategies for musicians – how to add value and provide a product to consumers. John compares the future of “musicpreneurs” with video game streamers – playing music, talking about it, and creators watching other creators so we can learn from each other. He discusses the importance of engaging with your audience one-on-one and receiving feedback on how your music can be better for them. Optimized content – answering messages from audience, being in tune with what they want and need (and being able to create products and/or content based on that feedback). He also speaks on his Freedom Journal – a goal-focused journal he developed to keep the user on track with what they want to achieve. Goal setting is important for musicians, too! This interview can be summarized with a quote from Albert Einstein: “Try not to become a person of success, but a person of value” If your music can help people through their struggles and inspire them, you have achieved something meaningful. If you want to reach out, you can find John on his website at