David Ellefson from Megadeth Photo by Pao Glitter in Buenos Aires Argentina

Photo by Pao Glitter in Buenos Aires Argentina

If you like heavy metal or thrash, David Ellefson needs no introduction. As bassist and co-founder of the iconic band Megadeth, David has pretty much seen or done it all in the world of rock and roll and especially in the music industry. In this amazing chat, David breaks down the walls and stereotypes of what it means to be a rock star and what it takes to make a living as a music entrepreneur in today’s world. We talked about his current and upcoming tours and projects with Megadeth, Dollskin and Metal Allegiance and honestly just had a great conversation about music and life. I hope you all find it as informative and uplifting as I did! After the interview, I talked to David about my dream to be a rock star and shared some of my concerns about being able to take care of my family as a full time artist. His advice to me was “follow the music where it takes you”.

That got me thinking and I came up with this: Sometimes we try so hard to control our destinies that we miss the destiny right in front of us. Live the best life you can for the benefit of yourself and others right here -in the destiny you are living – maybe the music will take me somewhere else? Time will tell! Until next time – keep dreaming my friends! Matt

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Episode 14 is LIVE and WOW it was so fun to chat with Megadeth bassist David Ellefson! We talked about what it takes to…

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