Would you like to be a part of the Kingdom of Rock team? The show’s audience is growing rapidly and so are we! We are looking for skilled and motivated people for the following unpaid intern positions!

Benefits to internship include valuable training and use of Kingdom of Rock resources and networking to build and grow your OWN brand. 

  • Video editor and transcriptionist – Takes the raw video footage from the interviews and turn them into bite size snippets for sharing on social media. Manages Youtube and Vimeo accounts. Makes creative transitions and intros.
  • Podcast Audio specialist – Takes raw interview footage and combines prerecorded intros and commericials into a final product. Adds metadata to the mp3 and uploads it to media server.
  • Music Industry Journalist – Writes a column on the Kingdom of Rock website about issues affecting individuals that work in the music industry.
  • Social Media Journalist – Researches and writes a column on the rapidly growing Kingdom of Rock website instructing music and entertainment biz profesionals how to build and grow their audience using social media.
  • Administrative Assistant – Manages show calendar and keeps track of numerous show release checklists. Makes show graphics in Canva and schedules posts in social media management tool. Writes show notes from each episode and schedules episode release in Word Press.

Paid Positions

  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Sales
  • Community Manager
  • Artist in Residence/Creative Director

If you have the skills and motivation to help us take Kingdom of Rock to the next level send an email to Matt Gibson at [email protected]